My mission

Be a support of positive change for a more healthy life, a transformation through the body and mind to:

  • Encourage each person to become more conscious, confident, engaged and awake

  • Value women, mothers, sisters to embrace their feminine and trust their roles in their missions and communities.

  • Awaken children to the value of respect of others and respect of earth.

  • Promote arts as a vector of transformation and wellness.

My story

Originally from the region of the Hauts-de-France, I growed up between Saint-Omer, Lille and Wissant.  

After my master in Industrial Design, I started my expansion and international experience.

Working in Germany, Spain, Belgium and the United-States, for ten years, I helped creative entrepreneurs and Fortune 101 companies launch their ideas and products to the market of tomorrow.

In parallel of design as I am passionated by personal development and arts, I pursue studies and constant practice of coaching, yoga, massage, reiki, dance and meditation. Through these practices, I increased my knowledge about the dynamic of body, the behavior of will and the management of emotions.

Theses explorations lead me to quit my ‘super job’ in the Silicon Valley and the ‘American Dream’ to explore India and its rich spiritual knowledge.

During six months, I have visited many mystical places which guide me to deepen my dance and meditation practices, including breathing techniques. Reading sacred text of the vedic and tantric traditions and listening to modern wise teachers, such as Thich Nath Hanh, Mooji, Swami Sadhvi Bhagawati, Amma, brought me to better understand social conditioning and awake my consciousness.

Gaining knowledge about the yogis, hindus traditions and shamanic rituals, I also rediscovered my christian heritage and understand better the role of humanity. 

I am now, very enthusiastic to share all those rich teachings with you and combine the creativity of design with wellness.

My experience

Yoga is more than a practice, it is a philosophy of living! Coming from the Himalayas mountains, Sattva Yoga is in France for the first time!

After practicing yoga for 10 years, I have found Sattva Yoga. A practice that include all elements that I love: mantras singing, free dance movements, Hatha yoga postures. It is also a practice that engage at all level of your being: physical, mental and spiritual.

The practice has increased my level of energy, develop healing on the cellular level revealing a deep inner peace.

As I was living in the USA, I already had a daily practice of meditation, which was based on gratitude and intention. This brought me to find more serenity and a better management of my stress for a fluid and peaceful day.

The contact improvisation dance is like a physical conversation. For me, this practice is very therapeutique.

As a reflection of life, dance is the teacher to understand my behavior. For five years, I have observed my relationship to others from a mental and emotional level. I became more conscious of my patterns and were able to improvise new patterns in the safe context of dancing, allowing to spread healthier habits into real life. 

On the physical level, the dance contact improvisation helps me to find a better grounded stand, engage and connect with the core to find more strength and better use my body for more fluid and efficient movements.

Many problems are based on bad communication. The Neuro-Linguistique Programmation is a powerful source of mental healing. 

It frees up a lot of the weight decision by bringing clarity. It is the source for understanding present and past situations as well as other people’s point of view.

It is also the possibility to analyse pre-conceived ideas, instilled by society and social environment. Better understanding these help to liberate yourself from all the ones that doesn't serve you. NLP also allow me to create supportive communication environment with colleagues and between family and friends.

My studies and research

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programation, certified from the Institut of California, USA, with Tim and Kris Hallbom
  • Sattva Yoga certified from the Academy of Rishikesh with Anand Mehrota and Yoga Alliance, INDIA, 200H yoga teacher training

  • Massage ayurvedique, certified from Hemadri Ayurveda Center, with Docteur  M.L. Maurya, Parmath Niketan, Rishikesh, INDIA

  • Reiki, certified level I and II, with Reiki master Catherine Cappel, FRANCE

  • Danse contemporaine Axis Syllabus, with Kira Kirsch, Antoine Ragot, Baris Mihci, Jerome D'Orso, Yulia Dolgova and Frey Faust from Berlin, GERMANY

  • Danse contemporaine Contact Improvisation, with Carmen Serber, Rajendra Serber, Catherine Caraker, Ronja Ver, Christine Germain, Diana Lara, San Francisco, USA