Combining the energy of reiki, acupuncture points, breathing, ayurvedic massage with essential oils, as well as somatic mouvements, the massage sessions will bring relaxation in the body and mind.

If massage is at the first glance to heal the external body, the skin is actually the guardian of emotions. During the sessions, our fears, joys, and sorrow are revealed more than the body itself. Massages make us more aware of our body needs and the importance of self-care. It is a special moment that contributes to a long term harmony and true internal journey.

"Le massage est une passerelle entre le corps et l'esprit."



Here is a list of the massages that I offer you. It can take place at my office or at your home.


Massage ayurvedic - Full body - 60 min

This massage energized the body from head to toe. By applying oils in active movements, the massage eliminate toxins and activates acupuncture points for a complete relaxation.

Ideal to release headaches, backaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress


Massage ayurvedic - Head Only - 30 min

This massage focalized on the head, neck and shoulders. By applying oils in vigorous movements, the massage awaken the different parts of the skull and bring mental and muscular relaxation. 

Ideal to release headaches, and tensions in the neck and shoulders.


Reiki - Full Body - 60 min

This energetic massage treat the all body. The light application of the hands on the energetic meridians improve the balance and unlock of the blockages to create more dynamism and relaxation.

Ideal to release stress and emotional chaos.


Massage MIXTE - Full body - 60 min

Combining the energy of reiki and the energic oil massage of ayurveda. This massage focalized is the optimal for a total mental and body relaxation. 

Ideal to release stress, muscular tension, insomnia, depression, anxiety.