Combining breathing, visualization and changing, we will quiet the mind.


"Meditate is giving time for your true self."

– Myself


Here is a list of some meditation that I offer you:


Meditation of gratitude - 10 to 30 min

This meditation is done in a seated position. It grows the positive thinking and open the mind to the new possibilities. You will become more aware of the inter-connectivity between you and the world.


Meditation including breathing and chanting - 10 to 60 min

This meditation is done in seated position. It combines breathing and chanting to open the heart and expand the vital energy. You will access a greater mental clarity and self conscience.


Meditation dynamic - 60 min

This meditation is done standing and ideally without having eaten before. It has five steps combining breathing and movements. It will release all tensions, stress, and unwanted emotions. You will regain vitality and positive energy.


No Mind - 60 min

This meditation goal is to free your tongue, thoughts and emotions. It has two phases. During the first thirty minutes, participant will speak freely in gibberish then be quiet for the following thirty minutes collecting insights from the experience.


Meditation while walking - 10 to 60 min

This meditation can last as much time as you want it ! It will bring you into a slower walking pace in order to become more conscious to the present moment and reconnect with the wide sensations of your feet on the ground.

Meditation GROUPS


Mondays from 10.30 to 11.30 am & Tuesdays from 5 to 5.30 pm



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People have contacted me for:

  • Deepening their existing meditation practice
  • Try if meditation is a practice that suits them
  • Gain clarity
  • Release headaches
  • Reduce stress and emotional chaos