Awakening the body, heart and spirit.


Yoga is a lifestyle, it infuses in all levels of life and make the way I eat, the way I walk, the way I connect with people, and the way I think more conscious and aware.

From the Himalayas, Sattva Yoga is a first in France!

With this philosophy, I am bringing to you Coaching, Meditation, Yoga, Massage and Dance methodes that I have learned in the USA and India. They will support you in developing a better more healthy habits.

I am very enthusiastic in inviting you on transformative journeys to free you from blockages from the past and let you enjoy every moment of your existence.



In a few sessions, we will identify themes that are stopping you from better living. In an effective and targeted way, we will address each theme and regain freedom of thinking and action.

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Combining reiki energy, acupuncture points, breathing, ayurvedic massage with essential oils and somatic movements, the massage will bring peace into the body and mind.

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This global yoga practice dive into the depth of the body, mind and nervous system. From the first session, you will feel an increase in vital energy and a more quiet mental.

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This contemporary dance takes its source into the point of contact of two dancers. Slow or dynamic, the dance will bring you more relaxation, curiosity and creativity.

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Passionated by personal development and arts, I pursue studies and constant practice of coaching, yoga, massage, reiki, dance and meditation. Through these practices, I increased my knowledge about the dynamic of body, the behavior of will and the management of emotions.

I am very enthusiastic to share all those rich teachings with you.

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Solène brings us to a peaceful atmosphere with ease and simplicity. She shares the teachings she learnt from different Indian masters with a very sensitive and personal way.
My meditation session was an invitation to travel among moments of silence and chants, pauses of stillness and dynamic mouvements.
– Murielle
It was with great pleasure that I discovered Solene's teachings this summer. The yoga practice she offers, which includes kriyas, mantras and asanas suits me well as it allows my practice to be more dynamic than the teaching offered in other classes. I appreciate the happy mood, and teacher engagement in transmitting the practice with adapted advices to each participant at the same time as precise guidance. It encourages to go back to class regularly.
– Séverine