Sattva Yoga is a holistic practice that combines positions (Asanas), mouvements (Kryas), sounds (Mantras), visualization (Laya), breathing (Pranayama), meditation, et free dance movements into a dynamic sequence  (Vinyasa).

Sattva comes from the sanskrit and means totality, balance, truth.

It is the most complete yoga practice available in the world right now.

It takes its origin into the vedic and tantric traditions. Sattva Yoga has been developed in the Himalayas after many years of studies and research. This new practice of yoga is not only a physical exercise but include also energetic methods that opens the path of deep transformation.


Yoga has been established cultural heritage of humanity in 2016.

Each class is unique with a special music and theme. Intense and fluid, or relaxing and restorative, each class will provide flexibility, strength, vitality and relaxation. It lasts between one hour and one hour and half. Classes are non-violent, non-competitive and committed to personal and community evolution.

Here is a presentation of the different themes possibles.

Sattva Warrior -  60 to 90 min

A journey into the feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) energies that resides in each of us. This class will bring balance to the body and mind through strong postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayamas) et mouvements (Kriyas) and allow to well balance distribution of energy and improvement of vitality.

Sattva Flow - 60 to 90 min

A journey into self through postures (Asanas), movements (Kriyas), breathing (Pranayamas), free dance et visualizations (Laya) all in a dynamic sequence (Vinyasa). This class will be flowing the energy in the body, mind and spirit. Sattva Flow offers a space to flow in grace among ease and effort, softness and strength, stillness and movement, compassion and radical aliveness.

Sattva Slow - 60 to 90 min

A journey into the pay of movement and stillness. This class will instill a sense of ease - even when there is effort. Create flexibility and strength in the body and mind. Ideas of ‘ease’ and ‘difficult’ dissolve as we move through postures, allow the breath to flow, and find dynamic stillness. Good for beginners or those who would like to slow down a monkey mind and restless body.

Sattva Yin - 60 to 90 min

A journey within, into a space of mindfulness, allowing and presence. This class invites practitioners to restore an a deep level - cultivating a deeper sense of presence, surrender, and ease, while the more internal or ‘yin’ aspects of our experience. Using slow, gentle, long-held postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayamas) gentle mouvements (Kriyas) we target the subtle energy bodies and connective tissue to release physical, energetic, and emotional blockages.

Sattva Restorative - 60 to 90 min

A journey that provides space for all levels of students to experience an ease and lightness in being, as well as nurture the body and mind. Sattva Restorative offers soft and gentle postures (Asanas), chanting (Mantras), breathing (Pranayamas) and meditations that restore and refresh. Class concludes with a long relaxation (Savasana).

Sattva Journey - 60 to 90 min

A Sattva journey is never the same and based on the energy of the room and those present. Each class is a journey into Self through postures (Asanas), mouvements (Kriyas), breathing (Pranayama), free dance et visualizations (Laya) into a dynamic sequence (Vinyasa).


SAINT OMER - 37, rue gambetta

Monday 12 to 1 pm and 18.15 to 19.15

Tuesday 9 to 10.30 am

Wednesday 8 to 9 pm



 Saturday 11 to 12 am

If you are interested to organize a class at home with your friends, feel free to contact me.


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